PIVOT 17 | Innovative

PIVOT 17 | Innovative

Elegant combination of technologies


The PIVOT 17 is a model that combines several decorative elements in a single model, the design of which is based on high-tech solutions. We used elegant horizontal milling and a subtle recess in the plane of the panel, which, combined with a vertical raised application, form an original and functional door handle.

The color scheme of this model is inspired by the natural colors of the soil. The design is presented in VIP colors, which are new in the offer – a shade of brown combined with a lighter metallic structure will attract attention and will be popular among fans of unconventional solutions.

The possibility of using electronics in the handle:
– LED backlighting in the following colors: cold white, warm white.


Material: Aluminum
Color: VIP Rustico
Applications: Routing, vertical and horizontal application in VIP Amber color
Handle: Integrated in VIP Amber color, L-400 mm
Rosette: RS 20 in Amber color